With the recent launch of AXS, we think it makes sense to dive a bit deeper into one crucial aspect of the Axie ecosystem, the Community Treasury.

The Treasury is at the heart of the feedback loop that drives AXS demand within our ecosystem. Let’s dive in and learn more!

This is an announcement we’ve been looking forward to for many months now.

Today, we’re proud to share that we’ve completed integration of Chainlink decentralized price feeds! …

What a month October was! We hit new highs for monthly growth across all metrics. Battlers, traders, holders, and volume all skyrocketed as the world continues to wake up to our revolution.

Axie Infinity is working with the Aave team on a few tasty DeFi X NFT crossovers!

First and foremost, the Aave team has stepped up to sponsor Season 13 of the Axie Community Alpha! Starting next Monday, Axie players will duke it out for over 4,000 USD in AAVE tokens!

The man needs no introduction. This week we sat down with legendary Axie content creator cloudwhite (yes, the c is purposely lowercase). cloudwhite was the first person in the world to get an Axie tattoo. He directed and appeared in an Axie musical. He’s made Axie raps. …

  • Axie Infinity (AXS) is the next Binance Launchpad project!
  • Our comprehensive vision for Axie and AXS can be found here. Get a quick overview through this infographic.
  • We’ve taken a surprise snapshot to distribute AXS to past Axie players based on in-game activity. …

Baronar is a legend in the Axie community. Along with Enjoi, Baronar has started the first community-led podcast dedicated to Axie. It’s called Axie Chat and runs every Tuesday at 8PM EST.

Baronar is a land baron in the Axie universe and cleaned out the remaining Arctic chests earlier this…

We sat down with Axie moderator and community developer to pick his brain on his vision for Axie, what it’s like building tools for the Axie community and more! …

September was possibly the best month so far in the history of Axie Infinity! The pieces are coming together and we are firing on all fronts. …

Dear Axie community,

We have seen a surge in player activity lately and subsequently, more artists have started to create fanart inspired by Axie Infinity. We are amazed by some of these creations and love to see how creative our community is.

Example of art pieces that we love:

Axie Infinity

A Digital Pet Universe on the Blockchain

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