The Kotaro Invitational Tournament: Tomorrow, September 2nd, at 5 PM CEST!

The first Kotaro Invitational is all set for tomorrow: September 2nd, at 5 PM CEST.

We will be streaming all matches from the tournament live from

The format of the tournament is as follows:

We will be using a World Cup style, single elimination bracket.

Each match will be best of 3, except for the Grand Finale which will be best of 5.

When a match begins, each player will select a team to send to battle. After the battle result is revealed through our live stream, each player will have 1 minute to adjust their team/positioning/move order before the next round.

If a player is a no-show, they will have a team randomly selected from 3 “default” teams that they designate before the tournament starts.

Good luck and may the spirit of Kotaro’s father guide your Axies in battle.

Want to spice up your viewing experience? Let’s bet on the Tournament!

The Entry fee is ANY Axie. The most accurate bracket takes the pot!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Submit your bracket here:

2. Send ANY Axie to address: 0x38b1c661D30C5083346eA31834859Df60cB371f2

3. DM @ Jihoz in discord with the Axie you sent, to make it easier for us to track

4. Deadline is 4 PM CEST, Sunday, September 2nd.

5. Jihoz will be donating this Axie: <> to the pot to sweeten the deal. He will not be making a bracket.

6. If there is a tie, contestants will “draft” Axies from the pot. Coin flip(random number generator) will determine drafting order. IF number of Axies in pot is odd, Jihoz’s Axie will be removed from pot.

See You in the Arena!

❤ Jihoz

For more information please join the conversation on our Discord or follow us on Twitter. Also remember to clap and share if you like this content.

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