The Community Treasury: An Overview

  1. This is the Ethereum-based Axie marketplace contract. If you go to the analytics tab you’ll be able to see the Marketplace fees accumulate over time.
  2. This is the Axie breeding contract. You can track the fees over time just like with the marketplace contract.
  3. To track fees from land and item sales, you can use’s land volume chart.
  • Monetary premium for AXS.
  • Additional utility such as marketplace fee discounts and access to certain exclusive sales.
  • Use of the community Treasury. For example, the Treasury funds could be seen as a sovereign wealth fund for the Axie universe. Fund managers or systems such as YFI could be appointed to grow the value of the assets stored inside the Treasury
  • Revenue from cosmetic sales. While skins for parts could be harder to introduce, things like rare pets, skins for summons, and animations could be a hit.
  • Axie tattoos & emotes. Rare emotes would be awesome for things like the arena and land play.
  • Licensing cuts from 3rd party content built on top of Axie.
  • Tournament entry fees and tickets.
  • Marketing fees from other organizations. Rather than donating tokens to “seasons” as partners have done in the past, sponsors can directly put assets into the Treasury. These contributions can be distributed through a lottery format to stakers/voters.



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