October Development Update!

  • Axies can now harvest resources and craft tools
  • Resources can now be crafted into furniture
  • Major performance and art upgrades
  • There is now a “town hall” structure that acts as a central place for resource and item storage, learning new blueprints, and viewing craftable furniture
  • Implemented hot keys for increased control of Axies and plots
  • Added a tutorial with directions for controls and hot keys
  • Chimera now spawn on the map
  • Defined the mobile vs. desktop view
  • Added new attack animations
  • Prepared for a release to the entire Sky Mavis team (~25 members).
  • Implemented new card art
  • Added a new background scene
  • Started work on a tutorial
  • Adjusted the layout for how cards are shown in a hand
  • Added talents — class-specific bonuses that can be customized
  • Progress on transaction tracking for the Ronin wallet
  • Refined our wallet feature wishlist
  • Enhanced validator on-boarding documentation
  • Implemented wallet signing.
  • Continued optimization of our block explorer



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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

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