Axie Infinity Weekly Update 5/4

Hey guys! We had a bunch of amazing stuff happen this week!

Closed Beta Ended!

Big shoutout to everyone who participated in our closed beta! Everything went rather smoothly and we got a lot of really great suggestions from you guys which we’ve already been able to implement! Check out a quick recap here.

Breeding release

You can now breed your Axies! Will you breed for beauty or battle? Or perhaps you think you have what it takes to unlock one of the fabled secret classes! Learn more about breeding here.

New Twitter Giveaway!

Our last twitter giveaway was such a smash hit that we’re doing it again!

Check it out using the link below and let’s get Axie Infinity to go worldwide!

Egg Release

Starting tomorrow, you will be able to purchase eggs from the Axie Infinity Egg Shop (the icon is shown above between “Marketplace” and “Activities”!

These eggs will contain totally new body parts! All “Origin” parts have been retired and will only be obtainable by using AOC to unlock “Origin” Axies, buying “Origin” Axies from the market, or breeding “Origin” Axies!

Ugly Axie Contest

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the ugliest of them all?

We had an ugliest Axie contest to find out!

Congrats to all the winners — they won 3 AOC each!

Breeding Beta Video Contest

We held a contest during our closed beta for the coolest Axie Unlocking video!

Check out the two winning submissions from @kittieglitter and @chuckfresco!

KittieGlitter’s on fire!

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