Axie Infinity Partners With Coingecko!

We’re ecstatic to announce CoinGecko as our latest partner! CoinGecko has been a leading source for cryptocurrency analytics tools and market insights since their founding in 2014.

We will be helping CoinGecko deepen their presence in the Nonfungible token space and adding their very own CoinGecko item to the world of Lunacia!

The CoinGecko team has been a huge fan of the Axie universe for a while now and will be helping us spread the word about our Land Sale.

This is an exciting step for us as we anticipate a future where respected projects like CoinGecko can use Lunacia to strengthen their brand and enrich the experience of all landholders.

Coming to Lunacia!

CoinGecko X Axie Giveaway!

To celebrate our partnership, we’ve teamed up with the Coingeck for a special giveaway!

Make sure to enter the giveaway and complete all entries to unlock a limited edition CoinGecko item.

Giveaway link:

Axie Infinity is a digital pet community and blockchain game creation platform. We’re returning power to gamers and creators through blockchain-enabled ownership structures.

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Axie Infinity:

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