Axie Infinity Crafting System Sneak Peak

At Axie Infinity, we take great pride in pushing out bleeding edge features that show what’s possible when you combine Blockchain and Gaming.

Brian Flynn and Matt Condon have been pounding the door on crafting with NFT’s(Nonfungible Tokens) for months now but we still haven’t seen any team successfully incorporate crafting into their games.

We believe that a compelling crafting system will be at the heart of every successful decentralized game from this moment forward.

Why Crafting?

Crafting systems allow game assets to be combined into new, often more useful assets.

Minecraft, Diablo, World of warcraft,and Stardew Valley are all examples of successful games that implemented crafting systems.

Crafting becomes really interesting in blockchain games because it allows users to combine tokens into a new token that might have a value/utility greater than the sum of its parts.

In addition, game creators can allow for NFT’s from other ecosystems to have a role in their universe, thereby fostering the type of open ecosystems that decentralized networks are supposed to facilitate.

Diablo 2’s Crafting System was Legendary

We see a few major benefits of a crafting system in our game.

There will be 4 main types of ingredients in our crafting system:

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Axie Infinity:

A Digital Pet Universe on the Blockchain

A Digital Pet Universe on the Blockchain