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5 min readSep 11, 2018

“Which Axies should I buy?”

This is a question that is asked quite often in our community.

The answer depends on what your goals are while playing Axie Infinity.

There are a few common archetypes that we see in the community and most players are a combination of a few of them!

Here, we will outline the two most common Archetypes that we’ve seen in our playerbase.

Archetype #1: The Collector

The blockchain is great for ensuring scarcity and ownership. Many of our community members love collecting rare and supply-limited Axies. Here are some of their common targets.

Origin Axies

There will never be more than 4088 Origin Axies. This is quite a low supply and people love limited assets!

A beautiful Origin Axie!

Origins come with special tags and these tags are represented on the blockchain.

Origin Axies will also possess a special victory pose when they win in the arena!

In addition, we love the idea of using Origin Axies as passports to different experiences. For example, the closed beta was open to all Origin holders, while non-Origin holders had to wait for the Open Beta.

We will be updating the artwork for Origin Axie tags and bases moving forward. Take a look at this sneak peak!

Mystic Axies

Mystic parts are special body parts that are only found in some of the Origin Axies. These parts will never be created again and cannot be inherited. Mystic parts have different artwork from their corresponding Common parts and may be evolved into Legendary parts. The cheapest Mystic Axie is currently .63 ETH, much higher than the Axie Floor which is around .06 at the time of this article.

One of only 3 Axies with 4 Mystic Parts!

When Origin Axies are rolled, each of the 6 body parts has a 1/18 chance of having a mystic part. This means that each “Origin Axie” has~ 33% chance of possessing a Mystic part. Axies can possess more than one Mystic as well and these double, triple, and quad mystics are even rarer!

Based on the Math, *if* all Axie Origin Coins(AOC) are redeemed and the hard cap is hit, there should only be ~1453 Mystic Axies in the game.

Low ID

Low ID Axies!

Another group of Axies that are limited in supply: “low ID” Axies. Currently, Axies that are 2 digits, are listed much higher than their higher ID counterparts. As the game progresses and more Axies are born, all of the current Axies might be considered low ID!

Meo Corp Axies

Meo Corp Axies only come from eggs sold from the Axie Egg Lab. The Egg Lab is rolled out in “seasons” and once the Lab for a season is closed down, the tag will change to reflect this.

Archetype #2: The Battler

Axie Infinity was founded upon the vision of bringing true utility to nonfungible tokens. The first major feature that we’ve implemented is the battle system.

Many players have built their collections based on the Axies they believe are most threatening in battle.

While the meta will be constantly evolving, some Axies will likely always be good in battle due to their stat and move combinations.


A tank Axie with 61 HP!

Tanks are Axies that are typically placed on the front-lines and are meant to shield their teammates from enemy attacks. Tanks typically have high HP and abilities with high defense. In addition, Plant, Reptile, and Aquatic Axies have the highest base HP of the Axie classes, so tanks tend to be one of these classes.

Damage-dealing Axies

A damage-dealing Axie with High Morale and high damage moves.

Damage-dealing Axies are meant to dish out high damage and slice through enemy Axies like butter. These Axies typically have a high morale stat and battle moves with high damage.

Support Axies

A support Axie that can heal it’s Allies (Strawberry Shortcake + Silence Whisper) and poison(Yam).

Support Axies can play a variety of roles. Some players look for Axies that can heal their Allies while dishing out damage or applying debuffs to Enemy Axies. There is some flexibility here and players can get creative with adding support Axies to their team. In our first tournament, The Kotaro Invitational, Axies that could poison enemies and heal their Allies were popular choices as support Axies.

Mystic Axies

Legendary Ability?

One of the reasons Mystic Axies are so highly valued is that not only do they have upgraded aesthetics and a limited supply, but Mystic parts are the only parts that can be upgraded into legendary body parts. Legendary battle moves will be quite powerful and add increased versatility to any Axie blessed to be bestowed with one.

We hope this helps you start your Axie adventure!

Axie Infinity is a digital pet community, founded upon the vision of delivering true gameplay and utility to the decentralized gaming space.

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