Announcing: Axie Tournament Qualification Phase is Now Live!

Dear Axie Family,

The Qualification phase for the first Axie Infinity tournament is now live!

To prepare, we’ve deployed a patch to the Open Beta.

Patch Changes:

  • A wipe of all Beta Axies that do not exist on main net.
  • We took a snapshot of all Main Net accounts at block 6,200,000 and created mirror images of those Axies on Rinkeby Test Net.
  • Every account has been given 50 AOC and 50 MEO tokens to open fresh Axies.
  • We’ve reworked the ranking system. Matchmaking is now more refined and a decay to rating has been added.
  • The unlocking process has been streamlined so Egg/Larvae/Petite stages will be skipped during this phase.

Tournament Rules:

  1. Axies cannot be traded between accounts.

2. Using multiple accounts to try and game the rating system will lead to disqualification

Rating Decay Details:

  • Ratings start to decay after 8 hours of no battles (no decay at 7 hours 59 minutes).
  • Ratings decay at 2% an hour once they kick in.
  • Decay only starts after the first battle

The rewards for the tournament will be:

The top 16 players will qualify for the tournament and each receive 5 MEO Tokens(on Mainnet)!

1st place: Trophy Terrarium Item and .5 ETH

2nd place: .3 ETH

3rd place: .2 ETH

If this is your first time trying out the Axie Infinity Battle Beta here are some quick instructions on how to get started:

Access the beta site here:

Make sure you’re in our Discord to receive live updates and ask questions directly to the Axie team!

Since Axie runs on the Ethereum Network, you will have to download MetaMask or a web-browser that has it, like Brave.

Remember to switch to Rinkeby Network on your Metamask and claim some Rinkeby ETH at If you’re having trouble with the faucet, feel free to request some in our Discord.

  1. Press “Claim your test Axies” on the main page and submit the metamask transaction that pops up! Please note that sometimes you will need to manually click the MetaMask icon in order to get the transaction to pop up.

2. This window will pop up, press “View My Axies”.

3. You will see 2 different types of tokens in your “My Axies” page. Unlock them by clicking “Unlock” and submitting the Metamask transaction that pops up.

Now you’re ready to start battling! Press “Arena” in the header and then “Create new Party”. Check out this post to learn more about Axie battles! Here’s a guide to Axie team selection and positioning from one of the top Closed Beta players, Uselessz.

Hovering over the battle moves will reveal their stats and passive effects!

After you’ve picked your Axies and their positioning, save the team and press “Send to Arena”. Submit the Metamask transaction that pops up.

See You in the Arena!

❤ Jihoz

For more information please join the conversation on our Discord or follow us on Twitter. Also remember to clap and share if you like this content.

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