Agamogenesis Axies Have Arrived!

The Agamogenesis Axies are now available for bidding! You can use this link to view and bid on them:

Auction Mechanism

The auction will last for 48 hours and each bid placed within the last 12 hours will increase the auction timer by 30 minutes. Eggs from the Axie lab will be available shortly after the auctions complete.

This is a conventional auction — when you bid your eth will go to the contract, and when you are outbid, all of the eth that you bid will be returned to your wallet. Please note that bidding will have a gas cost as well which cannot be refunded.

Agamogenesis Axies

Agamogenesis Axies are genetically engineered Axies researched and developed by MEO Corporation.

Agamogenesis Axies own some never-before-seen body parts called Bionic Parts. Bionic Parts are the newest project of MEO Corporation. These special custom-made parts are created with the purpose of replacing lost parts on Axies, and the feature similarity between artificial parts and normal parts are nearly 100%. Especially, Artificial Parts can also be inherited to children, and evolved like any normal part.

Moreover, the procedure has made these Axies possess abnormal body colors which natural Axies usually do not have.

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