10 Things to Do in Axie Without Paying Gas!

Gas prices have been insane lately which has made it more difficult to perform certain actions within the Axie ecosystem.

Don’t despair! Here’s a list of 10 things you can do while we wait for lower gas prices and Ronin!

You can battle in the PvP arena for glory, SLP, and even DAI all without needing to use any gas!

In fact, despite gas prices surging, usage of the Axie app has hit all time highs!

When gas prices drop, you can sync the tokens to your wallet.

2. Trade land and Items

Our land marketplace exists on a side chain meaning aside from deposits and withdrawals, trading is gas free!

How cool is that?

Check out this land market on-boarding guide to get started!

Please note that depositing and withdrawing funds from the land marketplace requires gas.

Want to learn about land? Check out this overview from Axieedge!

3. Socialize in Discord

The Axie community is one of the strongest and most creative in Blockchain. Come find out why by joining our Discord community. Meet legends like Exhuman and you may even learn about Blockchain!

4. Dream about Land gameplay

Land gameplay is on the way! Make sure to check out our latest development updates for glimpses into the progress!

This update, in particular has a bunch of juicy visual leaks!

5. Discuss the battle meta & give feedback

Everyone has an opinion on what cards are overpowered and which need some love! Feel free to tell the world in our #battle-balancing channel in Discord!

6. Make Axie Memes & Art

The Axie community is amazingly creative! Get inspired by the Axie universe and show your creations off to the world!

7. Create an Axie themed site!

The Axie community has created some very useful sites for information and tools related to Axie!

Want some inspiration? Visit:



8. Battle Chimera in Adventure Mode!

Fight monsters called Chimera. Earn love potions!

Check out this adventure mode guide from Daan and Ivo!

9. Complete your Daily Quest!

Win 5 arena matches and complete 10 adventure mode stages to get 50 Small Love Potions!

10. Get your mom playing Axie!

Axie has been many people’s first experience using Blockchain! Check out this guide on how to on-board your friends and family members!

See You In Discord!

The Axie Infinity Team

Axie Infinity Discord — Want to start playing but not sure where to start? Join our Discord, our community will answer any questions you have!

Axie Infinity Twitter — Our DM’s are always open :)



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